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The Heroes and Villains have agreed on a four day armistice. In this time, it falls to you to convince the leaders of the Villains to sign a permanent peace treaty before the armistice ends and the war begins anew.

Naturally you do this by dating them.

NOTE: For some reason the game build does not work despite the game working fine in Editor. As such, the downloadable is a Unity Project, so you can play the game in the Unity Editor. A build will be provided when the issue with the Build is found and patched.

Daimee MacIsaac - 
Programming, Game Design
John LynchGame Design, Writing, Character Design
Max Campbell - UI Design
Duane AndersonMusic, Character Design
Joe Tierney - Art, Character Design
Casey Taylor - Writing, Character Design, Art


NoOneIsTheEnemy-master.zip 33 MB

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